Top 5 Improvements to Sell Your Home Fast

Presentation is everything! Below are the top 5 home improvements every seller should make to improve the appeal and saleability of their home.

1. Paint

When painting the inside, consider using Pearl White, Navajo White and Antique White, which are the common colors used in residential properties. Using a shade of white paint in the interior will make the rooms feel larger. If you hired a painter, he would probably suggest that you use flat paint in every room except the kitchen and bathroom, where you would use a semi-gloss paint.

2. Landscaping

Consider making minor changes to your landscaping such as installing new sod, trimming trees and shrubs, or planting flowers. Remember that some improvements need a few weeks to look their best, as in planting bulbs in spring

3. Organize and De-Clutter

Especially if you have been living in your home for a long time, your house may be full of treasured items or memorabilia. Take the time to box up these items and remove them from sight before you put your home on the market. You will have to box up these items once you have sold your home anyway! Try to provide prospective buyers with a “blank slate” in which to imagine their new lives in your home

4. Patch any Dents or Holes in Walls

Patching dents or holes is relatively easy and cheap, especially if you are going to paint the walls anyway

5. Repair any Doors that Stick

Sticking doors are easily noticed when prospective buyers walk through your home. Sticking doors can usually be fixed easily by sanding an edge or repositioning hinges.