Plumbing Inspector

Plumbing inspectors ensure that new construction, changes, or repairs to existing structures comply with local and national building codes and ordinances, zoning regulations and contract specifications.

Before prospective homebuyers purchase a property, they should take a closer look at the plumbing. It could save you thousands of dollars in unexpected repairs. Just as the mechanical condition of your car is vital to the marketability of your vehicle, the mechanical condition of your house is also very important to buyers, especially plumbing.

In the same way a vehicle inspection report can be a useful marketing tool for your car, a plumbing inspection report can provide strong marketing benefits for your property. Today, plumbing inspectors have some amazing technology to spot potential problems, including camera inspection of the main drain lines. This can pinpoint problem areas within the drain lines that usually go unnoticed during your typical home inspections.

By catching plumbing problems with a plumbing checkup and camera inspection of the home’s main drain lines you can avoid costly repair costs.
Here’s a plumbing checklist for making your home’s drainage system is working property:


  • Fill bathtubs with water and then drain them to check the drainage flow.
  • Flush toilet to check drainage.
  • Fill sinks with water and check drainage.
  • Check around the base of the show to make sure there is no leakage.

Kitchen Laundry

  • Check garbage disposal to make sure it works properly.
  • Run the dishwasher full cycle to make sure it works and doesn’t leak.


  • Run the washer full cycle to make sure it works and doesn’t leak.
  • Inspect the shut off valves for both hot and cold water.

Other Plumbing Areas

  • Inspect water meter.
  • Check sprinkler systems for leaks.
  • Check sprinkler timer systems.
  • Inspect water supply shut off valves.
  • Inspect water heater hot and cold shut off valves. Most water heaters need bracing; check to make sure they meet the code requirements in your area.