Finding pre-foreclosure properties

Where to Start with Pre-Foreclosures

It’s important to get up-to-date pre-foreclosure information and act on it as quickly as possible. RealtyTrac subscribers can access our daily updated national database of pre-foreclosure properties online. Subscribers can also set up daily alert e-mails to be notified of new property posted on RealtyTrac.
The benefits of developing a system

Develop a system to keep track of properties that interest you. A good tracking system is important since most pre-foreclosure buyers pursue many properties sometimes over a period of several months. RealtyTrac subscribers can print out property details, save properties or download properties into a spreadsheet.

Zero in on the Target

After you find a property online, it’s a good idea to drive by the property to get a better idea of the property’s condition and the type of neighborhood. For some buyers and investors, driving by the property has also facilitated a casual meeting with the owner or yielded a wealth of unexpected information from a talkative neighbor.